Olde Oaks Angus and Labradors - Performance Test and Dilute Free Genetics!
Picture Gallery
Photos of the ranch, cows and family members.
Basin O Lass 235MGR Erica 4104Basin Chloe 8366PF 307R Lucy 2615C5 Lucy 154
PF 307R Lucy 3178V A R Rita 3147Heifer - Summitcrest Complete x Donor N648Who is coming to see us?Dinner Time
I just arrived. I weigh 88 lbs.Mom keeping me under a close watch.MMMM MMMM Good!!!This green stuff tastes good!I wanna go play Mom!
2010 CalvesCow Calf Pair
Papa and the Girls!Clover in the Springtime!Two Cowgirls on an Old Horse!
2010 CalvesYes I am posing for the camera!
4th GenerationJMC Queen MargeretFGR Elba 4302
EXAR Joy 5651EXAR Lucy 5659EXAR Chloe 5162
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